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Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Home Bakers

Grow into a Highly-Profitable & Sustainable Businesses.

How Do We Help You?

Niche Building

We will help you validate your niche by making your product/services market-fit.

Position Your Brand

We will help you position yourself as an expert in your niche so you start attracting your desired audience.

Acquire More Customers

We will help you understand how to acquire high-paying customers using the outbound and inbound methods.

New Sales Strategies

We will help you create your sales processes, script, & communication to improve conversions.

How We Work?


You learn

In the first phase you will identify your audience and the problem that you will solve for your audience. You will also learn your value propositions, usp's, and create your unbeatable offer.


You apply

In the second phase you will learn the time-tested & proven outbound marketing strategies. And once you master outbound you will learn the inbound marketing strategies to create the inflow of customers.


You succeed

And in the final phase you will learn effective sales stragies that are not pushy, rather its more customer centric that helps you build rapport with the customer and eventually leads to Sales, Revenue, & Profits.

Our Team

What Will You Get?

More Clients

For most of the entrepreneurs HOPE is the only strategy for customer acquisition. Most of their time is lost in talking to existing customers in the hope of getting references of new customers. The other set of entrepreneurs start to increase their product range,specially the course creators and coaches, in the hope of selling more to the existing customers.
But we teach you how to grow your clients by using the Outbound and Inbound method that will keep a constant flow of customers to your business. No more dependency on Luck & Hope.

More Profits

Entrepreneurs feel that their market has become too competetive. They believe that there is no more buisness left. And in order to attract customers towards their business, they start to slash their profits and reduce prices.
We help you identify the market and its potential. We help you increase your prices and charge premium from your customer. We help you increate your profit margins.

More Revenue

More profits leads to more revenue from the same set of customers. And with increased customers and higher profit margins, your revenue is set to go high, year on year.

More Scability

Everybody has 24 hours in a day. Technically you can work 24 hours in a given day. Practically, that is not possible. And that means you have an upper cap of how many customers you can deal in a day and thats the maximum you can earn.
We help you take your business online and automate most of your redundant processes, so you could deal with multiple customers simulteanously thereby increasing the scalability of your business.

More Recognization

We help you position yourself as an expert in your niche and gain more eyeballs. When people start to see you as an expert, they tend to trust you. When they interact with you and get support and suggestions from you, they tend to promote and hence you get more recognition.


Ruchika Kamdar

Home Baker, Bangalore

Amitji - Thank you very much for your very valuable time and direction. Fantastic session indeed!! I loved the stories you told me for every question that I had - will make me remember every answer :). Thanks once again and I am sure under your guidance all of us will do great in our business!!

Sandeep Rao

Director, Ameba Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Mohali

After quitting my 9-5 corporate, I was struggling to find customers for my IT business. So I joined Amit in the quest of understanding how to get more customers. And I would like to thank him for understanding my business and helping me with strategies that help me grew my business  from 30K per month to 3 lacs per month now. I am sure, I will continue to grow further.

Avani Chivate

Home Baker, Karad

“Really helpful course to build home baking business. Amit Gupta sir is explaining all the things very deeply. Thank you sir for such helpful course."

Priyanka Velvan

Home Baker, Namakkal

“This is a boon to all home bakers who are struggling to start one.not only for bakers the strategy sir has explained can be applied to other home business too. The course is very informative. Am happy with the course &can recommend to others too."

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