Is recruiting career a good choice?

Recruiting Career
Recruiting Career

A recruiting career could be one of the most fulfilling careers as it directly impacts people’s life. There are a few such other professions e.g. doctors, teachers, and farmers. Believe it or not, Recruitment career is another such noble profession that I rate equally. The job journey becomes difficult if the career is not selected wisely.

While doctors save people life and keep them on, recruiters keep making people’s lives better. When people struggle to find a new job, recruiters becomes the rescuer. When you look for a better opportunity, it’s the recruiter you turn to. It is the recruiter that brings you that joy of selection for a better job, better pay, and better role.

Check the top ten jobs for 2020 and prepare yourself for the future.

Recruiting career is rewarding, joyful, as well as challenging. It is a step by step process that starts from understanding the job description. Once you know what you need to look for, the next step is to find that relevant talent from the pool of resources. Walking the candidate through the interview process is a crucial part of the process. Making the offer and finally on-boarding him closes the recruiting cycle. The entire process leaves you with a feeling of incomparable gratification.

Well, that’s one side of the story. The other better side is that it is one of the most rewarding careers.

Recruiting Career Salary

Working in a profession that is so noble is one thing, but you still need to make money. In the world of economic distress, a recruiting career is one of the most rewarding careers to choose. The commission is great on every deal. If you get your basics in place, you will start closing the deals and earn incentives. This will lead to hefty pay-checks month over month.

Recruiting is a skill, once acquired, stays with the person forever. The market situation does not impact a recruiter. BFSI not doing well, no worries, Pharma will still be hiring. It’s ok if retail is not hiring, IT will have tons to hire. Every working professional is on a constant lookout keeping the recruiter busy.

This is a career where learning never ends. You continue to learn about new clients, new businesses, and new people. Every new opening opens doors of new learning and a recruiter is always a very informed person. Every new position enables you to meet many new people and help you increase your network. It’s fair to say that a recruiter is one of the most networked professionals in today’s world.

Recruitment Career is a Sales role

Recruiting is no longer a support role. In most of the organizations and especially a staffing firm, it is a revenue generating role. Like any other sales role, this role is also target driven. One of the best parts of this sales is that you don’t have to move out of your desk. The amount of flexibility a recruiting career provides is unimaginable. You can choose your own working hours and your working location.

Communication, negotiation, and networking are a few life skills now. One need all these three skills to become successful. Recruiting is a career that trains you in all these three life skills.

In the last 18 years, I have worked in many organizations. I have created a recruiting organization, managed recruiting operations and have trained many recruiters. I have seen them hitting high success scores and achieving success in life.

Interested in learning to recruit, read recruiting books to understand the basics of recruiting.

The feeling

There is a sense of pride when you are instrumental in building somebody’s career. There is a feeling of accomplishment when you networked to a talent pool which is hidden from others. The feeling of individuality when people know you by your name and not the company you represent. There are a lot of other good feelings that recruiting careers to help you experience. Recruiting is like running your small business unit in the organization.

Challenges in Recruiting Career

Of course, nothing comes for free. Recruiting also comes with challenges like deadlines. It is painful to see your candidate clearing all the rounds and still not getting the offer letter. Many times you feel helpless because there is as much you can do to client processes. But remember, when there is a problem, there is a solution. There are ways to handle such a situation. Only those continue to learn and put their learning in place are able to shine.

Want to be an Expert Recruiter?

You could be a fresher or you might be looking forward to elevating your recruiting career to the next level. If you have the passion and willingness to make your recruiting career more rewarding, leave a comment and I will bring help your way.

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What is your Passion?

What is your Passion
What is your Passion

“Amit, we will need to cancel our planned outing this Saturday”,

Sonia said in a highly depressed tone. And this is not the first time we had to cancel our plans because of an unplanned calling at work on a weekly off. I have seen her going through all this stress in all her corporate, good paying jobs. Do you think it’s just her? Isn’t this your story as well?

And why do you think you are hating the job you are at? You presented your candidature, gave the interview, and picked the job. Remember the day you got the offer letter, perhaps you celebrated the day with your friends. So what went wrong? And is this the first time you are experiencing this dislike to your job or your company?

Dozens of questions but the answer to all this is just one. And the answer to all these questions is in solving just one riddle. What is your passion? Remember, I did not call it a question, I called it a riddle. What is your passion, might look a simple question, if it does, try answering it honestly. You have been picking jobs feeling that working on that job profile is your passion. However, when you picked the job, you asked how much money the job is going to fetch. Instead of asking what you would be doing at work.

Don’t take me wrong when I say that you did not find your passion. Reality is that there is hardly any emphasis on finding your passion at an early age. Nobody helps a child identify his/her passion let alone nurturing it. You are only taught how to score good marks and find a good job.

So what is your passion?

Like other emotions, passion is a powerful emotion that human being has. This emotion, for something or for somebody, can neither be tamed nor controlled. Everyone is born with a unique swing. A swing that came with you when you were born and stays lifelong. This remains unaltered with the external situation of life. Typically, the world remembers you because of that swing in you. This is an emotion that is embedded deep in you.

Passion is loosely termed as obsession or craziness. This reminds the famous movie “National Treasure” and the following experts:

Benjamin Gates: “We don’t really need someone crazy. But one step short of crazy, what do you get?”

Riley (Benjamin’s subordinate): Obsessed

Benjamin: Passionate

Ok, coming back to our vacation plan which just got canceled. I asked Sonia about what has happened. The story was not different. Workload, manager, not requesting, just ordering to work on scheduled off. My problem was not changing the vacation plan. Nor was I unhappy of that extra work and Saturday working. My problem was the long face of Sonia. Her constant struggle of getting up in the morning and getting ready for office. Between 6 am to 8 am, she used to think of a possibility of the work day being called a holiday.

It was time to revisit her decisions.

What is your passion and how to find it?

Passion and Success
Passion and Success

We both sat down and I asked her a question. Does she like what she is doing? The answer was a flat “No”.

“I don’t feel like going to the office. I don’t like people there. Moreover, I am not enjoying whatever I am doing”, she said painfully.

“If not this, then what do you want to do? What is your passion?” and the answer was “I don’t know”?

The root cause of the problem was in those three words “I don’t know”. Unless we define what we want to really do, we are never going to enjoy it. Correct? More accurately, we need to know what your passion is.

“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks – Yo-Yo Ma”

Finding friends with similar hobbies is difficult to let alone passion. In today’s world, you see 10 new startups popping out of somebody’s passion. But almost 98% dies within the first year because the founder failed to build a team of like-minded passionate people. Before you do you a startup, you must know the startup failure reasons.

How to find what is your passion?

Fortunately, there is help for you. You can follow a few steps to find what your passion is. You might have several turning points in your life, but the finding answer to what is your passion will be a major one. After we followed the guide on how to find passion, Sonia was able to trace her love. She then knew that she actually likes cooking and more specifically baking.

While we were working on finding Sonia’s passion, we hopped over to Clarity on fire. They have an interesting quiz to take on. At the end of the quiz, the website generates your profile report. You will need to enter your name and email id to download the copy, but sure an interesting report to read. You may want to try.

Today, Sonia spends most of her weekends conducting healthy baking workshops. Ironically, today she is happy working on a weekend. She spends her weekdays creating new recipes and evenings in drafting them and sometimes working till midnight.

The difference today is that she works for herself. She works on what she loves. Today, there are no more stressful evenings, no more painful workloads. Finally, she found her passion and made it her career. Today she is famous and runs her successful venture called Anybodycanbake.

This is what we aim to achieve with everyone on Mapped Skills. We help people know what their true passion is and then break passion into monetize-able skills. We help you monetize your skills and start building passive recurring income.

Come join the mission.

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2020 Top 10 highest paying jobs

top 10 highest paying jobs
top 10 highest paying jobs

Do you want to be working on one of the top 10 highest paying jobs? Yes? But how are you preparing yourself for the top 10 paying jobs? A job hunt could become a never-ending journey if you do not pick the right track from the very beginning.

Remember the last year of your schooling and the quest for choosing your field of study in college. You wanted to pick a stream that can fetch you one of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world. But because of the lack of information, there was ambiguity in your mind. Taking a decision was more of what your parents wanted you to do.

Technologist keeps working on bringing new technologies to the world. No doubt, these solutions make human life easier, but they come with a cost. Moreover, technological automation has always taken people’s jobs. It becomes important for you to know the upcoming market trends and learn the top skills that will stay in demand.

What will be the top 10 highest paying jobs in 2020?

Devin Fidler, research director at “Institute for the Future” says “There are some overarching shifts poised to change the nature of work itself over the next decade”. Predicting the best paying jobs in the future is impossible. But a conscious tap on shifts in trends is important. The importance increases especially when we are making decisions about our careers.

According to The future of jobs, a report published by World Economic Forum 7.1, a million people will lose their jobs by 2020. This will be because of technological advancements. Most of these jobs will be white collar jobs in management and administration. Alarming?

Labor force projection 2020 published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicts that there will be an increment of 20.5 million jobs by 2020.

The reports say that personal and health care aides will accelerate at a pace of 70% growth. Does this mean that the next decade will be a decade of Healthcare domain?

The report anticipates only a few sectors growing more than 50% of the total in 2020. These sectors include healthcare, construction, business and professional services, and social help. Accordingly, most of the best paying jobs will come from the mentioned sectors.

Top Jobs

The future jobs in demand 2020

Data Scientist

Companies have collected tons of data that needs to be analyzed. But, there is a huge crunch of people who can interpret and analyze data. These data scientists are the ones who dive into the pile of data and analyze it. As a result, they will bring up value to businesses and clients.

Today is the age of data and the future is all about information. Every company strives to know better about buyers and consumers. Consequently, they need people to analyze the data that they collect over a period of time. Presumably, opportunities in data analysis will create the top best-paying jobs in the future.

Medical Therapist

People are no more keeping the mental health at a back seat to physical health. People have understood that their mental health is the key to their successful life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for marriage and family therapists will grow by over 40% through 2020.

Information Technology

As the technology keeps evolving the need for skilled computer experts keeps growing. As a result, computer programming and web development have become a commodity item. Every network needs to become faster and secure. A career in web development and networking is going to be highly rewarding in the coming future.

Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist

New development needs a lot of research and innovation. As the world strives for better technological solutions, research and analysis are going to be in continued demand.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts around a 35% increase in the demand for veterinarians. Needless to say, desire and demand for pets are becoming impossible to meet. This rise in the demand for pets will increase the demand for veterinary services.

Healthcare and Medicine

More the population means more people needing personal and medical aids. Healthcare will remain a no-recession business for the future with increased career opportunities.

Environmental Science

At one side, the natural resources are in a decline and at the same time, the population continues to increase. It becomes important to find methods to maximize the available limited natural resources. We need technology solutions to conserve energy and water conservation. We need to control pollution, improve agricultural yields, and reduce global warming. The demand for environmental scientists will continue to increase.

Finance and Investments

Globalization is enabling people to earn from various sources and from many locations. This makes money management complex than ever. As a result, it increases the demand for CFO’s, tax auditors, and financial planners.

The world has seen a lot of financial crisis between 2008 and 2009. Due to the crisis, many students started seeking employment elsewhere. This brings a shortage of skilled professionals in this sector.

Business Managers

Managers are expected to be dynamic and with the ability to adapt and change quickly. Gone are the days when managerial skills were limited to basic finance and management in a single location.

Managers are now supposed to be the latest with technology. They should be an internet geek and well connected on social media. They should learn new communication methods and use it to benefit the organization. Professionals in business development, human resource, and event planning will be in huge demand.

Technology Startups

The world has already seen the boom in the start-up world. Technology startups those will continue to innovative technology solutions will have an edge. This innovation will bring enormous growth to the startup world.  Moreover, if they create services that solve a customer problem, they will be profitable.

Traditional businesses such as used-car sales, beauty salons, pet grooming will also continue to rise.  Their success will depend on their ability to provide cost-effective services.


Interesting Facts

There are 20 million jobs that will get created by 2020. And another 30 million people will be retiring by then. As a result, there will be almost 50 million jobs available by 2020. If you are a recruiter, recruiting in the above-mentioned field and technology, you would also be in great demand. Read “Career in Recruiting” and understand the reasons to choose to recruit as your career.

I hope this information on the skill demand in the next few years will help parents. This will give more clarity on which career to choose to be future ready.

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