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Old jobs pave a road to new future jobs. The rise of machine and automation has taken over the world. Having said that, the job world is not getting captivated with the machines only. Machines still not visualize, interact, and understand human emotions which is the basis of many jobs that are rising and will be careers that will always be in demand. Let us look at the 20 top future jobs in India that are going to outrank other jobs.

Future Jobs in India

The jobs listed here are in alphabetic order and is not based on their ranking. Each job mentioned here will be the top jobs of the future 2025.

Actuarial Science

  1. Actuarial Science

Ever thought who decides what would the insurance premium that you would pay on the insurance you just purchased. That’s what Actuaries do. They are the one who study Maths and Science of insurance to access risk, worth, and liabilities, etc.

Financial institutions like banks and insurance companies need their expertise to design their investment instruments. And with the economy developing faster than ever, the need to Actuaries have been increasing. For people in love with Mathematics, this is one of their future jobs in India.

Back-end Developer

  1. Back-end Developer

Behind every great website and mobile application is a successful “back-end developer” – LinkedIn. Back-end developer is the core computational logic behind the software or the website. Back-end developers majorly work in C++, C#, or Java. Every IT company needs Back-end developers and can be considered as an evergreen job.

Banking Career

  1. Banking Career

Banking is the backbone of any country’s economy. Nobody has forgotten the turmoil in the global banking sector. The world was shaken, but India was the least impacted. All thanks to our sound banking and financial systems.

The banking sector in India is growing and is all set to become the number 3rd in the world. If you have noticed in the last 10 years, PSU banks have been growing immensely.

India is one of the fastest developing countries and with the world’s second largest population, every private bank wants to start its operations in India making it one of the most favorable career opportunity.

Career Counsellor

  1. Career Counsellor

The most exciting careers today are those which were not even heard of 10 years ago. Technology enhancements and researches create new opportunities. When I was a child, playing video games was almost a crime. I used to secretly play video games because I liked them. Who knew that playing video games could also become highly paid future jobs in India?

The rapid change in the job industry increases the need for Career Counsellors. The US alone has 2.6 million counselors per 1.8 million candidates. And according to a report from The Hindu’s India has just about 500 counselors per 1.5 million candidates for their future job growth. Do you see the opportunity? Well, I do, and it’s huge.

Cyber Security

  1. Cyber Security

You have money, there will be somebody trying to steal that money. You have data, cybercriminals are there trying to steal that data. With increased. As we keep moving more towards the online world, cybercrime keeps increasing.

Analytics firm Burning Glass Technology found 12 times growth globally in the data security jobs. Nasscom predicts that India will need around 1 million cyber security professionals by 2020. The demand will keep increasing as we continue to develop keeping cybersecurity as one of the top future jobs in India.

Have you heard of a job position called data hostage specialists? The job is to ensure that company/person data is not held hostage by cybercriminals.

Data Scientist

  1. Data Scientist

Not only India but the demand for a Data scientist is going to increase globally. If you remember, this job is the #1 job under the top 10 high paying jobs in 2020. Companies these days struggle to collect every possible information about their customers and try to make the best use of that information.

Data scientists are involved in dissecting and finding all important information to garner the businesses. So far only the giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. were leveraging their data but now every company wants to take the advantage. And hence the need for data scientist have been growing.


  1. Dieticians

Are you also not thinking of finding a dietician to get a perfect diet plan for yourself? You may be wanting to lose or gain some weight or maybe simply to stay fit and young for as long as you can. Not just you, I am sure you know many others in your network who desire for the same.

This need for better lifestyle and increased awareness towards health and appearance has created a high demand for dieticians.

Dieticians or sometimes known as nutritionist are the one who first understands your body and then craft a precise diet plan that helps you achieve your desired goals. Also, our lifestyle modification has made us intolerant to many natural food items as well. Dieticians are the ones who identify them and create a diet plan that does not trigger the intolerance.

The even increasing desire or physical and well-being makes dietician and exciting and growing career of the future.

Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing is the backbone of any successful business. With the paradigm shifting from offline businesses to online businesses, the need for digital marketers has been rising.

Every small and mid-size business is now venturing into the online space. And this going to increase day by day considering that only less than 40% of the Indian population has internet access today. Thus, the need of digital marketers will continue to rise making it a future jobs in India.

Digital marketing creates growth options for small businesses. Unlike offline marketing methods, digital marketing efforts are measurable. Digital marketers help build your brand in the online space. They create possibilities of driving sales using the organic and paid medium.

A successful digital marketer is the one who has a clear understanding of email marketing, understand web analytics, is aware of search engine algorithms, and the entire gamut of social media platforms.

Digital marketing has been witnessing exceptional growth in the past few years and expected to create over 20 lacs jobs per year in India by 2020. India is heavily IT driven sector and Digital Marketing will be the fastest growing careers in India.

Drone Operator

  1. Drone Operators

Did you see the recent movie “URI: The Surgical Strike”? Did you see how the Indian Defence used drones to fight back the terrorism?

Drones, earlier known as unmanned aerial vehicles were developed for surveillance. But the capabilities of drones is getting furthered with the addition of cameras, lights, audio sensors, etc. Drones are now widely used in infrastructure management, agriculture, disaster management, or aerial photography.

India is yet to see the grown in the Drone industry which is currently limited to defense. The local drone market is believed to grow to $421 million by 2021.

Environment Management

  1. Environment Management

Every reform creates new possibilities and opportunities and so is the case with the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. With the pollution level increasing day by day, there arises the need for environmentalists who could find better solutions. Not just India but almost the entire globe is moving towards the clean energy sources like wind and solar.

The environment has become one of the major concern of government and has created ample opportunities for people in the field of environment management. If you are aware the Indian government is targeting to solar energy grid from 20GW to 100GW by 2022. They also aim to improve wind energy production from 22.4GW to 60MW. All of these efforts will generate a lot of job opportunities for the people in the environment space. The solar energy technician is certainly going to be a leading job in the emerging career fields.

According to the National Resource Defence Council and the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water, India, if it achieves its Solar Power target, could generate one million future jobs in India. There will be close to 200,000 jobs in the wind projects too. This does not include industrial manufacturing jobs.

Event Manager

  1. Event Managers

Some reasons similar to above and the prime being lack of time to manage things on its own, people turn towards event managers to events as simple as a birthday.

This career is one of the quickest growing careers of recent times. Whether it’s a birthday, marriage, anniversary, or a corporate event, everyone wants to make it a grand and a memorable event.

Event Managers use their expertise in creativity, management, communication, negotiation, and budgeting skills to craft meaningful solutions for the clients. They take care of end-to-end event and take the entire load on themselves and thus make a good amount of money in doing so.

Financial Planner

  1. Financial Planner

Finance is one of the hottest topics on the internet and is among the top searched niche on Google. Money, and how to save it, is an important question in every body’s mind. There was a time when fixed deposits used to be the most preferred way of investment and did not need expert advice, but that’s history now.

The number of investing instruments has increased in the market. Everyone needs an expert who could create the long term financial goals, put them goals into actionable plans and find meaningful investment instrument to achieve those goals. The financial planner does all of it for you. They find your risk taking appetite, create financial goals based on your personal situation and help you invest your money to get you maximum benefit. They also keep working in the background to keep a check your investments and align them with what is working best in industry. This helps you get the maximum benefit.

The financial planners are the one who puts your money to work.

Full stack engineer

  1. Full stack engineer

This role has seen a huge growth in the last few years. A full stack engineer is a combination of the front-end, back-end, and application development. They typically handle all database jobs, servers, engineering, and clients.

A full stack developer is a person who has the abilities in programming languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries, front-end technologies, databases, cache, UI, UX, and creative thinking.

Home Baking Career

  1. Home Baking Career

The increased awareness towards health has benefited many careers including HomeBakers. People are aware, more than ever, of what they are eating and what the ingredients are. Market baked products are full of unhealthy ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives.

Research has shown the health risk of eating chemicals and preservatives in food. People are now turning towards home bakers to ensure the quality and ingredients in their baked items. More than ever people have started buying customized cakes, fresh and refined flour free bread and many other customized baked items.

Home baking is a business that grows with little or no investment and has seen a huge uprise in recent few years. And like every food career, home baking is a highly profitable career. If you like to learn more about home baking, check AnybodyCanBake.Com.

Interior Designer

  1. Interior Designers

Ok, this seems to be a call of a rich, however, if you look closely this is now a need of everyone. The reasons are obvious:

  1. With both the partner working, none has time to really get the job done. One needs to have an expert who could take care of the execution with the utmost care and precision.
  2. Homes are getting compact and expensive. Once you have one, you need every inch of it to be utilized in the best possible manner and create additional spaces via the means of the interior.

Interior designers understand the individual needs of the users and craft a viable solution which is time and cost-effectively with durability and comfort in mind.

With the rise in the real estate industry, the need for interior designers has grown tremendously.

Machine Learning

  1. Machine Learning

Ever wondered how the products that you have been researching on, shows up under the recommended products in the e-commerce websites. How does Facebook come to know what you have been looking for in Amazon and Google? How do banks learn the pattern to recognize the frauds and money laundering? Machine learning engineers work towards developing this artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a study that bridges the gap between the man and the machine and helps the machine perceives things more humanly.

Virtual personal assistants like Alexa and Siri, Video surveillance cameras, Social Media, Email spam services are a few examples where we see the usage of machine learning in our day to day life.

Marriage Counsellor

  1. Marriage Counsellor

Back in 2006 when I got married, I had never heard of a Marriage Counsellor. If things went south, it was our parents and friends who could bring peace and harmony. I never thought that such a career would even exist.

But as the marriages started falling apart, depression started victimizing the generation, marriage counselor became a full-time profession.

We used to go out and play games on the ground. Teamwork was one of the core skill that we inculcated with every game we played. Today the generation is into video games. The moment you lose the game, you terminate and start playing a new game. This is exactly what we are now doing with marriages.

The marriage counselor directly works with the married couples and sometimes with the entire family to identify the problem and resolve it. In the event of doing so, they make a lot of money and is a booming career now.


  1. Physiotherapists

Walking, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and now driverless cars. Do you see the reduced level of physical activities? Technology, on one side, is a boon for mankind, but on the other hand, has its own repulsions. Most of the jobs are getting automated and human beings are mostly working on computers to continue to automate the rest of the manual tasks.

Some injuries like a sports injury, back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, cervical, etc. are a few common problems that Physiotherapists are widely popular for.

This lifestyle change has bought a lot of pain and stress for mankind. Physiotherapists treat such injuries and disorders using physical methods like exercises, massages, and hot fermentation.


  1. Recruiter

Recruitment is going to be one of the top careers of all times. A career in recruiting is rewarding as well as satisfying. Read what Santosh Alex, senior engineering recruiter at Twitter has to say about Recruiting Career.

Government works hard to create jobs, but somebody needs to work in finding the right talent to fill those jobs. And that’s where recruiter plays a vital role in the success of an organization.

Finding the right talent, keeping the potential candidates interested in your organization and negotiating the salaries with the potential hires are few of the major tasks a recruiter does on a regular basis.

Unlike olden days where a recruiter was considered to be a liability to the organization, they are now considered to be the revenue generating unit. The faster and better resource they are able to hire, means additional revenue earning capabilities of an organization. Recruiter becomes a critical role when it is about startup hiring because of the challenges in startup hiring.

The recruiter needs to keep themselves updated with the latest in trend and should be prepared with a strategy of the recruitment process they will follow. Reading helps. Recruiters must spend some time in reading the top recruiting books to better themselves.

Robotic Engineer

  1. Robotic Engineers

Based on research done by Gartner, more than 30% of the human jobs will be replaced by robots by 2025. Interestingly Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google believes human thinking to become hybrid (biological and artificial) by 2030.

India might be a little slow, for now, factoring in the cost factor but lately, there are some start-ups who are working towards developing smart robots. Robotics will be one of the top future jobs in India. The adoption of Gridbots robots in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is one such step towards progress. Machines have started replacing humans in hazardous jobs like defense, space, nuclear plants, etc. And the industrial robotics market is believed to grow to $46 billion by 2020. A career in robotics is a career of future and is a high paying career to adapt for.


With all the top future jobs in India your mind now, it’s time to start developing your skills in the one that excites you. Find your passion and starts working on it from today. No matter what career option you choose, but the key factor of getting the desired position lies in your resume writing skills. Along with sharpening your career, ensure that you have a professionally written resume that 10x your chances to land in your dream job.

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