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Amit Gupta

Did you know that over 60 million women in India are either chef or baker but a majority of them struggle to get paying customers. And after working with more than 4K home bakers in India and understanding the challenges in their business, I was able to identify some common mistakes that most home bakers make with their business.

The Problem

The bakery industry in India is experiencing robust growth of over 9% year on year and is projected to exceed $12B by 2024.
However, 95% of homebakers in India struggle to find paying customers.

60M Women
are Chef/Baker.

INR 10K/pm
homebakers average earning.

95% Homebakers
find negotiating clients.

98% Homebakers
lacks positioning.

100% Homebakers
lacks business & marketing plan to grow their business
beyond INR 10K-15K per month.

So we decided to help homebakers in:

  1. 1
    Finding their Niche
  2. 2
    Positioning & Marketing
  3. 3
    Increase number of qualified leads
  4. 4
    Scale their business from 10K to 100K /pm

They Say

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Homebaker, Bangalore

Amitji - Thank you very much for your very valuable time and direction. Fantastic session indeed!! I loved the stories you told me for every question that I had - will make me remember every answer :). Thanks once again and I am sure under your guidance all of us will do great in our business!!

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Homebaker, Namakkal
Owner, The Bake House

“This is a boon to all home bakers who are struggling to start one.not only for bakers the strategy sir has explained can be applied to other home business too. The course is very informative. Am happy with the course &can recommend to others too."

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Homebaker, Karad
Owner, Avani's Cakes and Bakes

“30 days home bakers challenge is really helpful course to build home baking business. Amit Gupta sir is explaining all the things very deeply. Thank you sir for such helpful course."

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Aspiring Home Baker, Mumbai

"Wow !!!! What a session it was. Thank you so much Amit Gupta Sir for patiently knowing me, understanding me and then answering all my doubts and questions. Your today's lesson will not only help me in my baking business but also in improving the quality of my life. Thank you so much

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