Importance of Content Writing For Brands




Content writing for the purpose of getting your business out there is a key part of running your business. There are several benefits of creating content about your brand and putting it online. 

Some objectives are as clear-cut as increased traffic on your website and some not-so-obvious advantages like SEO rankings. Here is an in-depth list of reasons why new-age businesses need to create content for their brand.

Importance of Content Writing For Brands

High-quality website content establishes trust and commitment with visitors. The content you publish may vary across different topics, but the final goal is to raise brand awareness, brand loyalty, and visitor engagement.

 Producing fine-quality content for your small business website will yield impactful results. Content is King and the Importance of Content Writing are many. A Few Ways in which High-Quality Content can be good for your business are stated below.

Humanizing the brand: One of the many benefits that content creation, especially in terms of writing, brings with itself is providing a personality to the brand. With your content, you can choose to be as educative, informal, riotous, persuasive, and motivating as you want to be. Viewers will come to associate your brand with these tones, which would help in establishing your brand image online.

Higher SEO rankings: As most business owners know, it is important to optimize your content according to the algorithm of the search engine. An optimized content means higher SEO rankings and a greater outreach in the form of clicks and leads. But what does this actually mean?

According to some studies, 32% of all clicks are usually the first link on Google. These clicks can then translate into revenue for your brand. If you run a small work-from-home business, then content writing could bring more leads and clients without you spending much on paid advertising.

Retaining engagement: Naturally, the more leads you’ll generate through your brand’s content, the more consumer engagement you’ll keep. This essentially entails that once consumers interact with your content once and find it practical, they will continue to do so. This will increase the engagement for all of your future blog posts, articles, listicles, and such. 

Why is content marketing important?

Marketing your brand via your created content is just one facet of using content for your business, but it is an important one. There are an array of reasons why content marketing is important for your brand. After incorporating content creation into your brand’s marketing strategy, you can see the number of organic leads and engagement skyrocket!

Helps Generate Leads: Identifying your brand with your service is only doable when you’re creating written content that readers can interact with. Including CTAs (call to action) in your content will help build up the generation of organic leads. Once your viewers come to identify your content with your brand, it gets easier to produce leads - ending up in more revenue for you.

Helps to Reduce Marketing Costs: In reality, there are marketing techniques that can cost you more time, effort, and monetary expenses than content writing for brands. Advertising and/or marketing your brand on varied forms of media such as televisions or even pop-ups online may cost you a small fortune. They will also require you to put aside a precise sum of money for marketing every quarter.

But, with content writing, all you need to do is hire a content writer (or a team of them) with negotiable rates. This way, you can receive the exposure you need while cutting down on marketing costs. A quality piece of content will keep attracting leads without additional cost to it whereas paid marketing is a constant expense.

Helps in Meeting Needs for Online Content: Believe it or not, there’s a huge audience out there that is waiting to use online content. In recent years, there is a spike in the engagement of online content. By writing content for your brand, you can meet this demand and provide audiences with content that is consumable and also markets your business efficiently.

What services do content writers provide?

If you’re of the opinion that all content writers do is provide written, marketable content for your business then, well, think again! There are a host of added activities that a content writing team can accomplish, each equally important for your brand to maintain an appropriate image.

These services can include proofreading manuscripts for promotional activities, drafting content for your social media, writing descriptions for your products/services, populating a website with content from scratch, ghostwriting, copywriting for promotional purposes, as well as drafting white papers for marketing.

Importance of Content Writing for brands

How does content writing help a brand?

As underlined already by the above topics, we now know that content writing is an integral part of an established business. But what are some more advantages content writing rakes in for a business owner?

Constantly Targets Appropriate Audiences: If you’ve been feeling like your business hasn’t been reaching audiences like before, then maybe it’s time to switch things up with your content creation style. 

Content writers constantly experiment with writing styles so as to reach target audiences all the time. This way, you might even find a new niche of individuals interested in your business.

Defines Brand Image: Want to let people know exactly what you stand for, or create anticipation for a new product/service you’re introducing? That’s something you can achieve simply by writing content for and about your brand. 

 As said before, brands that connect to the audience are more likely to perform better in terms of search engine rankings, as opposed to a brand that is faceless and aloof, with very little information available on the internet.

Business content writing examples

Unsure about where to start from, but ready to make the leap to web content writing for your brand? Here are five tried-and-tested examples to perform well on search engine algorithms. 

Blog posts: Maybe the most important form of content writing for brands is long-form blog posts. These blog posts can be informational or simply a guide to your brand. The possibilities are unending when there’s no precise format you have to keep in mind. Blog posts are the most versatile and free-form of all business content writing.

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How-tos: While the prospect of writing how-tos about your brand seems somewhat limited, you can choose to explore outside the boundaries of them as well. You can start creating content around your niche and whip up informational how-tos that would be useful to your target audience. They’d then come to associate your brand with this content, leading them to purchase the products and/or services you have.

Listicles: Similarly, listicles remain one of the most popular forms of content that have been ranking highly online this decade. More than long-form content, listicles entail bite-sized pieces of information that ensure scannability and generate more clicks.

Website Content: Website content is quite underrated. There is so much that goes into the content creation part of having a website - the FAQs, the About section, and more. You can screen the content by using SEO tools to further your engagement with an extended audience.

Social Media posts: Finally, social media posts are requisite if you want your brand to stand out among thousands of others in your industry. Facebook posts, Instagram captions, Instagram stories, Twitter tweets -All of this is meticulously crafted by an experienced team of content writers. This allows your brand to get visible even to those scrolling through social media.

Resume Writing is also an emerging Skill that one can develop as a content writer.

Hiring Content writing services for your brand

If you are convinced about the Importance of content writing and the benefits it can have for your business, then your next step will be to hire content writers for your brand. You can achieve this in multiple ways.

You can choose to hire freelance content writers with fixed PPWs, or you may even choose to outsource them from a content writing firm. Thankfully, there are many of those in India.

In the next section, we’ll list out some content writing agencies where you can outsource content writers to write for your brand.

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Importance of Content Writing for Websites

How to get a Website content writer

There are multiple qualities you should be looking out for if you want to hire a content writer for your brand. The prerequisites of being a content writer should be your starting point. 

For instance, you should be on the lookout for individuals who have impeccable grammatical skills and can write about an array of things and topics, based on topics and niches assigned to them. 

Secondly, you may also want to look for a content writer who has written content relevant to what you want for your brand. This includes content writers that specialize in areas of content writing such as copywriting, ghostwriting, drafting social media posts, or drafting an email or sales pitches. 

Once again this largely depends on the kind of content you are looking for in order to populate your brand‘s name on the internet. 

Looking for a content writer for your website also entails looking for people who can work under tight deadlines and have flexible work schedules. Lastly, you want to be looking for someone who can communicate constantly with you about the content that they are working upon and accept feedback and criticism of all kinds.

How do I hire a content writer?

Before diving straight into the process of hiring a content writer, it is important to be distinct as to what you’re looking for. 

During recruiting a content writer for brands, you’ll have to make the content writing criteria clear to avoid any overlap between work, as well as draft an appropriate job description for the same. Here are some things to keep in mind while hiring a content writer:

Scope out your target audience: Before making it clear to your future content writing team as to what your target audience is and how your brand plans to reach them, it is important to know this yourself. 

By researching analytics and viewer engagement with your pre-existing content, you can likely have a rough idea of the details of your target audience, along with the kind of content that performs well with them.

Have a vision for your brand: Attempt to apply the common interview question of 'where do you see yourself in five years?’ to your brand. This will help you in gauging what your marketing strategies should be and the amount of outreach that you can gain in a stipulated period of time. 

You can then demarcate these details to a prospective content writer who can execute these goals accordingly.

Know what your brand stands for: Lastly, and maybe most importantly, you need to know the ideals that your brand follows. This includes having an inside-out knowledge of the workings as well as the public image of your brand.

You need to know how you’re planning to manipulate your brand image so as to ensure that your brand reflects your perspectives as well. This, once again, will be mirrored in the content that your prospective content writer whips up.

How much does it cost to hire a content writer?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer for how much a content writer may charge for their services. This mainly depends on two pivotal elements, with which you can take in an approximation of how much you can shell out for a content writer (or even a content team).

Experience: Naturally, content writers with several years of experience may have higher PPWs than freelance content writers who are just starting out. The former offers you the advantage of hiring someone who has an in-depth idea of the industry, while the latter might be more cost-effective for your business, albeit unsafe.

Type of Work: The kind of work that you’re setting aside for your content writers also influences largely the sum of money you’ll be offering to them. For instance, technical content writing gigs are more money-spinning for the content writer, as it requires a ton of research, whereas sales or B2B content usually has reduced PPWs.

In a nutshell, the average trend of how much it costs to hire a content writer in India currently is anywhere between 0.25 PPW to 4 PPW. Once again, how much you’re offering your prospective content writer would also depend on their former experience and the type of work they’ll be doing with your brand.

Content Writing services in India

Best content writing services in India

With all the above information in mind, you’re finally ready to take on the challenge of hiring a content writer for your brand. But where are some places you can start looking from?

As mentioned before, you may either seek out freelance content writers by providing listings on websites such as Internshala, TimesJobs, Indeed,, Glassdoor, and others - or you may take it easy and outsource your content writers through other mediums. Some websites that can guarantee you content writing services are: 

All these websites provide stellar content writing, graphic design, and digital marketing services and have been doing so for several years. These websites keep your needs in mind and tailor their content services exactly according to your needs.

Also, some of these websites like Godot Media even provide a free trial. So, you can ensure that no resources are wasted by getting a free run of content writers. With their teams of highly trained content writers, you can make your brand’s engagement skyrocket with the littlest effort.


Content Writing and Digital Marketing are taking the new age mantra to make any business successful. A content writer should comprehend his target audience and be able to address the queries and needs of the website visitors. 

If your content has the ability to convince the visitor about the product or service provided, there is a good chance that he will convert from visitor to customer.

The Importance of Content Writing and its applications is vast in any business. It is ideal to research market trends and hire content writers who can create relevant content that will help your content and business thrive.

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