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Updated: 19 Jan 2023

I started my job journey as soon as I finished my master's. Soon my job hunt made me realize the significance of a professional college. 2009, the year of the most significant recession in India, unfortunately, was the same year I graduated MBA.

Job Journey: Rejections

Job Hunt - Rejected | MappedSkills

No company wanted to hire a brain full of ideas. A person is full of enthusiasm and hunger for learning and experience. Yet an average scorer from a below-average college. It took me eight months to finally get my first job.

During those eight months, I realized that as a fresher, you are no more than a piece of paper. Organizations only see you in your academics, especially when you're a fresher. I took professional resume writing service so I could to prepare my resume in the best possible way.

Companies want to refrain from investing in their training and learning. Instead, they expect an expert fresher. They want a 23-year-old resource with at least of expertise 3 years.

My aspirations and my hopes have touched the taste of sand not once but several times. Reality hit me hard on my face, but something inside kept me moving, so I decided to struggle and make my way out.

Job Journey: My first break

My first job was that of a Recruiter, which was not my area of interest. With no other choice, I accepted that role, and there went my dreams for a toss.

I don't regret that anymore, as a career in recruiting is excellent, which I understand today. But certainly, it wasn't the best for me; I knew I belonged somewhere else.

Being a recruiter was the hardest thing I have done in my life. After a week's training on the recruitment process, I started my job and sucked at it. I continued to work there for a year and a half, but I quit when I couldn't take anymore.

Now I was jobless and experienced yet-skill-less. The opportunities I received were all related to recruitment, which I needed to improve. And I was struggling to find my passion and find a job accordingly.

Job Journey: Leaning over Salary

Job-Journey-leaning-over-salary | MappedSkills

That was when I made the huge mistake of putting salary as a primary concern over learning. It was 2010, and recessions had slowed down. There were opportunities, but I was not willing to start afresh. Today I realize that could have been the best time to start afresh.

After struggling for two months, an opportunity knocked on my door. A chance to work with a start-up for a marketing department as an Executive.

It was more of a secretarial job. Another misfit. And even then, I couldn't decide to start afresh. I was still looking for better-paying jobs, and my job journey was getting more complicated.

My resume now shows two different experiences, which landed me nowhere. I stayed with them for two years, and finally, frustrated, I dropped that job. Again jobless.

Job Journey: My next break

Job-Journey-My-Next-Break | MappedSkills

After six months of the job hunt, I got a break from another company. It was the same role but at a different location, Bangalore.

Though the role was not my choice, I'm glad I made that choice. Being in this job and this city made me realize what I wanted to become.

This role was a total mix of talent acquisition, employee engagement, staffing, vendor, and account management. I learned actual dealings with people.

Job Journey: Realization

It's never too late!

Once I was asked to mentor a junior on my team. That was when I realized I wanted to become a Trainer/Mentor and nothing else. I am good at teaching but have yet to become a teacher.

Being on this side of the stage has always fascinated me. The realization of my goal gave me a clear path to do what I owe myself to do.

Yes! I was born to inspire, and now that has become my ultimate goal.

Today I am associated with one of the top brands. But I am determined to pursue my dream besides my bread-earning job.

I can dream yet again!

Job Journey: My two cents

Job Journey Two Cents | MappedSkills
  • Never follow the money. It will come to you by itself once you're skilled enough.
  • Don't give up on your will to fight.
  • It's okay to not know right now. Follow your confusion, get lost in your wish, and you'll eventually find your way.
  • Don't underestimate the power of knowing what you want to become.
  • Don't kill your dreams, but don't be too blind to realize that you also need a living to pursue your dream.
  • Keep dreaming! Keep fighting! And Aim for the sky! Always!

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