5 Best Recruiting Books for Recruiters 2018




People wonder why reading is important. Many, like me, hate reading a book. The thought of reading a book itself is too boring. And recruiting books for recruiters does not make sense to many. Some believe that recruiting can only be learned by doing it, not by reading it. If you also think so, you may stop reading this article here. For those who want to be a recruiting superstar may continue reading.

If you are not reading, you are limiting yourself. And if you read what you should be reading, you explore the all-new world of possibilities that were hidden from you till then.

There are plenty of other benefits to reading including improved concentration, improved vocabulary, improved communication, improved awareness, improved imagination and much more.

A good recruiter is a combination of all listed above. So what should a recruiter be reading? It is an investment of time and money that you invest in reading I will ensure that you get full ROI of your investment.

Whether this is your first time in recruiting or you been recruiting for quite some time, these recruiting books will open new dimensions in your recruiting career.

Best Recruiting books for HeadHunters

Who: The A Method for Hiring – Geoff Smart and Randy Street

Who - Recruiting Books

Who refers to the person you are trying to hire. It also refers to the people responsible for decision-making. The quest for hiring the best person for your team ends here. I believe it to be one of the best business books that teach in fact-based simple methods to build an “A-Team”. Consider this book to be a professional recruiter’s handbook.

The book says that the average hiring mistake costs up to 15 times an employee’s base salary along with the productivity loss. And this is a serious cost, isn’t it?

This recruitment book helps in building new perspective and framework on recruiting processes. It lays out a 4 step process for hiring the best talent for the businesses.

The hiring process described is little lengthy and might suit best for hiring the C-Level executives. The same might not stay true for junior level hiring. However, the excellent ideas described in the books can be further customized to suit any environment for that matter.

You will enjoy every bit of this book without any obviousness.

Hire with your Head – Lou Adler

Hire with your Head

Lou Adler has seen recruiting industry evolving through the eyes of a recruiter and believes recruiting to be a systematic and straightforward process.

Adler recommends performance-based hiring to build great teams. The performance-based hiring process is free of prejudices and biases. This recruitment book describes a methodical approach that eliminates mediocre candidates and focuses on hiring superior people for the organization. He advocates evidence-based decision making instead of gut-based decision making.

The Adler 10-Factor Candidate Assessment is a valuable tool. This tool helps the decision maker and the interviewing panel to make an objective decision and avoid the costly mistakes of a bad hire.

According to Lou Adler, recruiting should be a step-by-step repeatable process that is more likely to hire great people. Each step, if followed religiously will eventually end up with a superior hire.

Hiring for Attitude – Mark Murphy

Hiring for Attitude

Murphy is a strong believer of attitude to be the main determinant of hiring. The author challenges you to hire people with winning attitude and eliminate people whose attitude may lead to organization failures.

Murphy believes 89 % of wrong hires are not because of lack of skills but because of lack of attitude. The book focuses on evaluating the candidate’s attitudes along with other skills to reduce the number of wrong hires.

Usual recruiting books provide a list of questions to ask during the interview process and interpret the body language etc. This book asks you to apply what you read and that means you will have to work and developing your own questions based on what you read.

In Murphy’s words: “This recruiting book will teach you how to select the high performers that will fit and excel in your unique culture. It’s a big departure from the traditional, and generally failed, approach to hiring.”

The book, however, has a lot of self-promotion. The author here promotes his company services wherever possible.

Social Media Recruitment – Andy Headworth

Social Media Recruitment

Social media has taken the world by storm and recruitment is no exception. More than ever, recruiters today need to know how to harness the power of social media.

Social Media recruiting is not just posting jobs on Twitter and LinkedIn, but it is much beyond that. This book help recruiters define social media hiring strategy and attract talent.

This book for head-hunters is full of information, tips and tricks, and dos and don’ts of social media recruiting.

Flow – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow is a concept ideated by renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The author translates complex psychological concepts in layman terms. This book is for everyone who wants to understand human psychological concepts and practice them in real time.

For recruiters, these ideas can be applied that will help recruiters in finding higher quality candidates. Applying these physiological concepts can help you understand if the candidate will be happy in doing the job you have in hand.

A must-read book which deals with the subject of focusing on a particular work in a particular time to achieve excellence. The book is based on a lot of scientific research.

Now that you have the list of best-recruiting books, go ahead and pick the one that excites you. Spend some time, read new ideas and stay ahead in the competition. Rest assured, the ideas in these recruiting books will prepare you to be a recruiting superstar.

PS: I am constantly evaluating more recruitment books and will keep updating this post on regular basis. If you feel that you have read a book that is worth a mention here, please refer me to the book. I will do my analysis and update this list.

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