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A recruiting career could be the most fulfilling as it directly impacts people's lives. Like recruiting, a few other professions, e.g., doctors, teachers, and farmers, directly touch people's lives and are called noble professions.

Believe it or not, a Recruitment career is another such noble profession that I rate equally. The job journey becomes problematic if the career is not selected wisely.

While doctors save people's lives, recruiters keep making people's lives better. When people struggle to find a new job, recruiters becomes the rescuer. When you look for a better opportunity, it's the recruiter you turn to.

The recruiter brings you that joy of selection for a better job, better pay, and better role.

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A career in recruiting is rewarding, joyful, as well as challenging. It is a step-by-step process that starts with understanding the job description.

Once you know what you need to look for, the next step is to find that relevant talent from the pool of resources.

Walking the candidate through the interview process is a crucial part of the process. Making the offer and finally onboarding him closes the recruiting cycle. 

The entire process leaves you with a feeling of incomparable gratification.

Well, that's one side of the story. The other better side is that it is one of the most rewarding careers financially.

Recruiting Career Salary

Working in a noble profession is one thing, but you still need to make money. In the world of economic distress, a recruiting career is among the most rewarding.

You will start closing the sales and earn incentives if you get your basics in place. The commission is excellent on every deal leading to hefty paychecks month over month.

Recruiting is a skill, once acquired, stays with the person forever. Every working professional is on a constant lookout keeping the recruiter busy.

Even if the market situation is volatile, the recruiter still is in demand. No matter if BFSI is not doing well, Pharma might be booming. If retail is not hiring, IT will have tons to hire, and so on.

This is a career where learning never ends. You continue learning about new clients, businesses, and people. Every new opening opens doors to new learning, making a recruiter a more informed professional.

Every new position enables you to meet many new people and helps you increase your network. A recruiter is one of the most networked professionals in today's world.

Recruitment Career: Sales vs. Support role

Recruiting is no longer a support role. In most organizations, especially a staffing firm, it is a revenue generating role. Like any other sales role, this role is also target driven.

One of the best parts of this sales role is that you don't have to move out of your desk. You can choose your own working hours and your working location. The amount of flexibility a recruiting career provides is unimaginable.

Communication, negotiation, and networking are essential skills for a successful recruiter. Recruiting is a career that trains you in all these three life skills.

I have spent years in a recruiting and staffing firm, starting from scratch to a director level. I have hired hundreds of recruiters, trained them, and seen them lead successful careers.

Want to learn recruiting? Start with reading recruiting books and get your basics in place.

How is it to be a recruiter?

There is a sense of pride, accomplishment, and joy in being able to make a positive difference in somebody's life that every successful recruiter enjoys. 

You can bring people together, help clients grow their businesses, and help a candidate find a dream job. You also enjoy individual recognition when people know you by your name and not the company you represent.

Recruiting is like running your small business unit in the organization.

Challenges in Recruiting Career

Of course, nothing comes for free. Recruiting also comes with challenges like deadlines. Seeing your candidate clearing all the rounds and still not getting the offer letter is painful.

You often feel helpless because you mostly got to follow the client process, no matter how restrictive they may be in finding the right fit for the position.

But remember, when there is a problem, there is a solution. There are ways to handle such a situation. Only those who continue to learn and put their learning in place can shine.

Want to be an Expert Recruiter?

You could be a fresher or look forward to elevating your recruiting career to the next level. If you have the passion and willingness to make your recruiting career more rewarding, leave a comment.

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    I am just entering into the recruiting career in the next two weeks and would love some tips and help on becoming the best at my job that I can be. I am very driven to succeed and would appreciate any advice that you have.

    Thank you,
    Nicole Rutherford

  • Hey,
    i having 2 yrs of exp in IT Recruitement everything is good salary part i am getting very less. any tips?? thinking to move from IT Recruitment to SAP side is it a good decision??

  • How much growth is there for a recruiter in terms of salary?
    I mean what is the best maximum salary a recruiter can be offered?

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