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start a blog
start a blog

The desire to start a blog

I had an old team member visiting me a few days ago. It is always fun to meet old team members. I enjoy learning about their current professional and personal situation and way forward. While talking over the dinner table, He expressed his thought that he wants to start a blog. He further said that he is not enjoying his current work profile and wants to do something different. Read Ritika Sapra’s article on how daunting your job journey could be. It clearly talks about how people get frustrated when they work against their desire or dreams.  I was aware about how big travel freak he is. Almost every weekend he will be exploring some or the other place. Travelling is his passion. I am also a big fan of his photography. He has amazing understanding of lens angles and lighting. I asked him, why not use your passion to earn money for yourself and start a blog right away.

Confusions and fears

I went ahead explaining on how I started and what does it take to start a blog. During my conversation with him I realized that he had a lot of hesitation and fear in stepping into blogging world. And the fear was spearing around what, when, where, why and how. Honestly, one should always ask these questions before taking any decisions. The difference here was in the approach. He had these questions because of fear which is going to hold him to move forward. I did my best to help him understand the blogging world and how can blogging help him monetize his skills. After he left, I started contemplating within myself. A person who has a good understanding of technology, internet had no clue how to start a blog? He had no understanding of what he would spend and how long it will take before his blog becomes popular? What and how will he make his blog popular? How can a blogger earn from his blog? What is his cost of failure and many more?

What does it take to start a blog?

I thought to put all these questions together and write this for everyone. This article is for those who aspire to start a blog but have these questions and hesitate entering into this beautiful world of blogging. Before I start answering the 5 basic questions my friend had on blogging, I like to make a few things straight. Blogging is only for people who are passionate and disciplined. You don’t have to report to anyone, but to yourself. If you can be accountable to yourself, blogging is for you.

Alright, now my answers to the questions my friend had about blogging.

What should I blog about?

I found that my friend was confused on what all he should start blogging about. He loved travelling, photography, food, music and the list kept increasing. I asked him a simple question. What can you do for hours and hours without anyone asking, except watching television? His answer was travelling. He had his answer. But his answer was accompanied with many questions. He felt that he would need to travel a lot and it would need a lot of money. I said yes, he will have to. Because it’s the real time experience that will make people like his blog. But would it need a lot of money is debatable. I suggested him to first write about the few recent trips he has made. That’s about not less than 10 places in last 10 weeks. I suggested him to use those amazing photographs he has taken of those places. My counsel was not to invest in a DSLR for now and continue to explore nearby places as usual and start writing.

When should I start blogging?

After I answered him about what to blog, he felt little comfortable. The expenses on DSLR and travelling were no longer disturbing him. He then made a soft comment “Understood, I will start blogging soon”. I was sharp in hearing that and asked him to recall the book “The Secrets”. We both have read the book and I was aware of his belief towards it. I made him recall that thinking of doing it tomorrow will only lead him to continue to think but not do it. If you want to do it then you must “Do it now”.

Where should I start blogging?

There are many blogging platforms available for people to quickly start blogging. Before you choose a platform, you need to mindful of your goals. If you intend to make your career in blogging then you would want to avoid free blogging platforms. Platforms like Medium, Bloggers, BlogSpot etc. will let you start your blog effortlessly. But these free platform comes with a lot of other limitations. If you plan to earn from your blog, the free blogging platforms will be of no use. Every business needs investment, so does blogging. But the good news is that anyone can start blogging in less than a $100.

Why should I start blogging?

I asked my friend to find an answer on the following:

  • A career option that can make him location and time free.
  • A career option that allows him to decide what to do, not what his senior asks him to do.

And you guessed it right, he did not have an answer.

Blogging is completely independent of where you live. It lets you decide your own working hours. It gives you freedom to choose when to be on vacation and when to work. Fortunately, my friend understood how blogging can help him follow his dream.

How should I start blogging?

Looks like he got answers to all his questions. At this point of time, all he wanted to know was how he can start. He needed a start point. I will now take a pause here and would wait for my friend to update me about his proceedings. I am sure he will do good in his blogging effort and which I will further share with you to complete this article.

Read few inspirational stories of self-taught bloggers who, because of their passion, have made it big for themselves.

Good, Bad, Ugly? Comments please.



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