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By making a purchase on our website or making a payment by other means like bank transfer, you acknowledge that you've thoroughly read and agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. These terms are applicable to all clients who have received an online or offline invoice from MappedSkills Marketing.

In this document, the "individual"/"organization"/"company"/"agency" purchasing any package or plan ("Services") from MappedSkills Marketing is referred to as the "Client", "you" or "your". MappedSkills Marketing is referred to as the "Service Provider", "we", "us" or "our".

Our range of services includes but is not limited to: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Ad Management, Analytics Reports, Monthly Maintenance, WordPress, WooCommerce, E-commerce Service Calls, Landing Pages, Hack Removal, Graphic Services such as Logo, Brochures, Business Cards, Banners, Posters, E-Design, Presentation, eBrochures, Booklet, Folder, QR Code, Audio, Print, Delivery, Video, eBooks, Editing, Branding, Video Production & Shooting, Photography, Social Media, Social Media Icons, Internet Marketing Training, Strategy Formulation, Training, Graphics, and various other Marketing and Sales Services.

This agreement considers any past, present, and future services provided by the Service Provider to the Client. As our services are diverse and unique, specific terms and conditions apply to each type of service purchased, as detailed in the invoice provided by the Service Provider. While the common terms & conditions are applicable to all services, additional conditions based on the specific invoiced services will also apply. The service-specific terms and conditions are decided based on the specific services purchased by the Client as documented in the invoice.

MappedSkills Marketing Common Terms & Conditions:

Authorization: The Client is engaging MappedSkills Marketing, as an independent contractor for specific purposes like designing and account setup. The Client grants MappedSkills Marketing access to pre-existing accounts with required permissions and permits the engagement of associated agents, companies, and account providers to perform necessary tasks.

Links: MappedSkills Marketing presumes that all links provided by the Client are verified and approved. The company holds no responsibility for any legal repercussions related to unauthorized links.

Graphics & Media: MappedSkills Marketing will produce or receive from the Client all necessary graphical, audio, video, and media elements for the completion of the Client's Services. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Photography, Audio, and Video Shooting: Upon request, MappedSkills Marketing will visit the Client's place of business to capture images, videos, or audio for service inclusion. Additional costs including travel, food, and stay for our team are to be borne by the Client.
  2. 3rd Party Stock Media: Any costs related to 3rd party stock media purchases are the Client's responsibility. The Client also holds MappedSkills Marketing harmless from any legal issues arising from the use of such media.

Text & Files: The Client shall provide text and other files in a standard electronic format (i.e., Microsoft Word, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf) via email, CD, DVD, or USB drive. If alternative methods of file retrieval are required, additional charges will apply.

Additional Requests: For any additional material development or design, the standard rate as applicable will apply. The price may be negotiable based on the work required.

Payment Terms / Workflow: Unless otherwise stated, the Client agrees to pay the full cost upfront for all services. After payment receipt and gaining necessary access and content from the Client, the design and development process begins. Payment can be made online or through bank transfers. For projects exceeding ₹100,000, a minimum deposit of 50% is required, and the remainder is due upon or prior to representation of the first draft.

Monthly Subscription Service Payment: The Client agrees to pay monthly fees in advance. MappedSkills Marketing reserves the right to hold services if payment is not made within five days post the due date. If payment delays are expected, please contact MappedSkills Marketing for potential solutions.

Service Amendment: MappedSkills is dedicated to providing excellent services. We understand you may require changes to services provided, however, our agreement does not accommodate significant modifications or extensions. This includes creating new design strategies, significantly modifying company logos or graphics, resetting Google accounts, replacing substantial text or image content, changing website navigation or design elements, reconfiguring PPC AD accounts or campaigns, uploading or replacing significant content for monthly technical maintenance, or any additional updates outside of our Virtual Assistance Plan.

  • Clients anticipating frequent changes or requiring detailed involvement in design are advised to negotiate an agreement prior to service purchase.
  • Additional charges will apply for any significant development beyond the agreed scope.

Copyrights & Trademarks: The client guarantees that any text, graphics, photos, designs, audios, videos, trademarks, or other artwork provided for website inclusion are either owned by the client or the client has obtained permission for use from the rightful owner. MappedSkills will not be held accountable for any copyright infringements.

Third Party Modifications: If a client independently edits or updates their services post-completion and impairs the service functionality or design, the time to repair will be assessed at an additional cost.

Assignment of Development: MappedSkills retains the right to employ subcontractors to ensure timely and effective completion of the project. All work by subcontractors is warranted by MappedSkills.

Additional Expenses: The client will reimburse MappedSkills for any client-requested, necessary expenses incurred during the project development.

Age of Consent: The client representative confirms they are at least 19 years of age and legally capable of entering a contract on behalf of the client.

Professional Conduct: Clients are required to interact professionally with MappedSkills. Any inappropriate or abusive behavior towards MappedSkills, its officers, staff, or contractors will not be tolerated and may result in legal action and immediate termination of services, without refund.

Limited Liability & Indemnification: The client agrees to indemnify and hold MappedSkills harmless from any claims resulting from the client’s publication or use of materials. The client will also defend, indemnify, and hold MappedSkills harmless against liabilities resulting from any services sold or distributed over the client’s website.

Ownership & Design Credit: Upon final payment, copyright for all services provided by MappedSkills will be transferred to the client. MappedSkills may include a design and development credit byline on the client's website and in the company portfolio.

Confidentiality: Both MappedSkills and the client agree to keep confidential any information shared during the project.

Project Cancellation: Cancellation requests, if applicable, must be made within 48 hours service purchase. If a project is canceled after 48 hours, MappedSkills retains the right to retain 50% of the total amount invoiced for the service as a deposit and development expense.

Entire Agreement: This agreement constitutes the sole agreement between MappedSkills and the client. Both parties confirm they have read and understood these terms.

Terms Revisions: MappedSkills reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted in accordance with our Terms of Agreement.

MappedSkills Marketing Website Services Terms and Conditions:

Clients who choose to purchase website design services from MappedSkills Marketing are expected to comply with the conditions set out below for each of the respective website design packages:

Domain Acquisition:

  • MappedSkills Marketing may, at the Client's behest, secure a domain name (e.g., www.clientname.com, .in, etc.). Any costs involved will be charged to the Client as an additional fee. Note that these costs are external internet fees, and MappedSkills Marketing does not profit from them.
  • If the Client's desired domain name is already taken, an alternative must be chosen. Clients with an existing domain name can be assisted in redirecting their URL to the new hosting server.

Standard Hosting Services:

  • On request, MappedSkills Marketing can procure a hosting provider account on behalf of the Client or allow the Client to do so independently to manage costs.
  • The Client is responsible for settling all required hosting fees before the ordering process if the Client opts for MappedSkills Marketing to secure the account.
  • Clients with limited internet expertise are advised to utilize MappedSkills Marketing's services for securing and managing their hosting accounts.

Email Assistance:

  • MappedSkills Marketing can provide email support for Clients whose website is hosted on our servers, aiding in setting up email accounts as per the maximum allowed by our service.
  • MappedSkills Marketing supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook for all Microsoft Office products.
  • If email setup is unsuccessful, Clients may need to consult their hosting or email company for further aid. For Clients whose sites are not hosted on our servers, we recommend contacting their hosting provider for email support.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:

  • MappedSkills Marketing is committed to designing websites compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and Google Chrome, ensuring all critical elements of each page are viewable in both browsers.
  • The Client acknowledges that advanced web techniques may require more recent browser versions, plug-ins, or specific browser brands. As new versions of browsers develop, they may not support older versions.
  • Any redesigning to ensure compatibility with new browser versions, if requested by the Client, will be negotiated separately.


  • Add-ons include extra configurations, features, or programming languages that may enhance the Client's website. Prices for large-scale development using these add-ons (e.g., CGI / PHP / Flash / DHTML / Real Audio/Video / QuickTime / Microsoft Media / Java Applets / JavaScript / MySQL Databases, E-commerce/Merchant Account/Secure Certificate) are negotiable.
  • Any cost or charges directly or indirectly linked to the Client's E-commerce website portal, fees, penalty, or sales are not covered by MappedSkills Marketing.
  • From the website's completion day, MappedSkills Marketing holds no responsibility for the Client's eCommerce customer complaints or any transaction, function, configuration, third-party plugin, open-source CMS, or application failures unless the Client subscribes to our monthly technical maintenance packages.

Search Engine Registration:

  • After receiving the final payment and at the Client's request, MappedSkills Marketing will optimize the Client's website and submit it to free search engines and directories.

Website Design Services:

  • MappedSkills Marketing may use open source platforms like WordPress CMS and third-party applications for website creation and will not be held responsible for any issues arising from version mismatches, upgrade errors with CMS & plugins, applications, or due to third-party hosting, servers, domain providers, or other technical issues or act-of-god situations.
  • The Client agrees to hold harmless, protect, and defend MappedSkills Marketing and its subcontractors from any claim or suit arising from the above.

SEO Keywords & Pages:

  • MappedSkills Marketing does not guarantee Search Engine Ranking as it depends on various factors like website content relevancy, page popularity, authentic backlinks, domain age, blogging consistency, social media presence, and niche.
  • Clients seeking guaranteed page rank should subscribe to our Search Engine Optimization services.

MappedSkills Marketing Monthly Website Maintenance & SEO Services Terms and Conditions:

Clients who choose to engage MappedSkills Marketing for monthly technical maintenance and SEO services must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

Monthly Maintenance & Updates:

  • The Client agrees to permit MappedSkills Marketing to perform regular updates and maintenance on their website.
  • The Client authorizes MappedSkills Marketing to modify programming, HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, coding, database, server settings, DNS, MX, SEO keywords, XML, plugins, widgets, applications, security settings, backup, content, and other technical and non-technical aspects as required to enhance the website's overall performance and exposure.

Monthly Maintenance Service Assistance:

  • The Client acknowledges that website maintenance occurs periodically, depending on the website's size.
  • Any requests exceeding the maintenance plan scope will be billed separately and must be submitted via email from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM. Requests received after 4 PM will be processed the next business day.
  • The Client accepts that MappedSkills Marketing may require 3 to 5 business days to address requests, depending on the queue.

Monthly Maintenance Guarantee:

  • The Client acknowledges that maintenance is carried out on open-source content management systems like WordPress, Woocommerce, third-party plugins, and interfaces hosted on third-party servers.
  • The success or failure of updates depends on various factors such as server response time, bandwidth, internet connection, version compatibility, or act-of-god situations.
  • The Client agrees to hold MappedSkills Marketing harmless from any demands, liabilities, losses, costs, and claims, including reasonable attorney's fees, as the monthly maintenance guarantee may not always be effective.

Monthly Paid Subscription Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations of any monthly subscription plan such as Technical Maintenance Plans, Monthly SEO Plans, Google AdWords Management, Analytics Reporting must be communicated thirty (30) days prior to the cancellation date via email or mail.
  • If updates are paused or canceled at the Client's request, MappedSkills Marketing reserves the right to retain 50% of the original payment as a deposit and maintenance costs.
  • In case the retained amount doesn't cover MappedSkills Marketing for the time and expense already invested in the maintenance, an additional payment may be required.
  • If an additional payment is necessary, it will be billed to the Client within 10 days of the stop-request notification. The final payment will follow the terms outlined in this agreement.

MappedSkills Marketing Google Console, Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Advertising Terms and Conditions:

Clients opting for Google AdWords and/or Facebook Advertising Services from MappedSkills Marketing must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and Social Media Ads Payments:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a paid service where the Client pays directly to Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. for any clicks on Ads/Campaigns designed by MappedSkills Marketing.
  • The Client agrees to promptly fulfill the agreed daily/weekly/monthly/yearly budget payments for PPC ad campaigns to Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.
  • MappedSkills Marketing is not responsible for payments to Google Inc., Facebook Inc., and the Client holds full responsibility for managing their own Campaigns/Advertisements on Google, Facebook, and associated channels.
  • MappedSkills Marketing sets up and manages the client’s ad campaign account (if the monthly service is purchased), but does not act as the payer for any Google or Facebook fees.
  • If ads are deactivated without prior notice to MappedSkills Marketing during monthly maintenance, MappedSkills Marketing is not liable for any maintenance until campaigns are reactivated.

AdWords, Facebook Advertising Campaign and Advertisement Design:

  • The Client agrees to provide MappedSkills Marketing with necessary details such as keywords, demographics, geographic location, age groups, and other relevant information.
  • Post approval, additional changes to the Advertisement Design may incur an extra charge.

AdWords, Facebook Advertising Campaign Success Rate:

  • While MappedSkills Marketing strives to maximize results, the success of paid ads on Google AdWords cannot be guaranteed due to various unpredictable factors.
  • In case of campaign failure, the Client agrees to hold MappedSkills Marketing harmless from any potential legal action.

Google Tools, AdWords, and Facebook PPC Refund Policy:

  • No refunds are applicable for Google AdWords PPC, Webmaster or Google Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, and any related Monthly Maintenance and Reporting Services.
  • MappedSkills Marketing holds no liability for any issues related to performance, damages, online sales, web visitors, pay-per-click traffic, bidding, and any related issues with AdWords or Facebook advertising Services.

Payments to Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.:

  • The Client is responsible for all payments related to premium Google or Facebook services.
  • MappedSkills Marketing is not responsible for any such payments.

Google Analytics Code Installation:

  • MappedSkills Marketing will generate and provide the Google Analytics code to the Client via email.
  • Code installation on the Client’s website is chargeable and will be conducted only upon a written request from the Client.

Web Improvements related to Google Console/Webmaster, Analytics:

  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, or Reporting service is a tracking and monitoring service, not a web improvement or redesign service.
  • MappedSkills Marketing will provide user data, statistics, and advice on web/ad performance enhancement. However, revamp or fixing of ad/websites incurs additional charges.
  • In relation to web improvement services, the Client agrees to hold MappedSkills Marketing harmless from any potential legal action.

SEO Definitions, Guarantee & Refund Policy:

  • SEO Definitions: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, aims to improve your website's visibility through targeting keywords related to your products and services. MappedSkills Marketing cannot guarantee specific keyword rankings on search engines, but commits to doing its utmost to improve visibility.
  • SEO Guarantee: Clients acknowledge that MappedSkills Marketing does not have control over third-party search engines. However, we guarantee to use best-practice methods for optimizing your website. Our target is competitive ranking, based on various factors such as competition, keyword saturation, and technical aspects of your site.
  • SEO Contract Period: Our SEO contracts have a minimum term of six months from the start date, and auto-renew monthly thereafter. After six months, the contract will remain in effect until you cancel.
  • SEO Performance Refunds: No refunds are given until six months have elapsed, due to the nature of SEO results. Refunds will only be considered if your site does not appear within the first five pages of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Amendments and Project Alterations:

  • Project Planning and Quoting: Our plans and quotes, provided via email, are valid for 30 days. Changes to circumstances or requirements may lead to revised quotes.
  • Post-completion Changes: We supply draft versions of your project. You have five working days from submission to request editorial changes. Changes beyond the original brief may incur additional charges.

Cancellation Rights:

  • MappedSkills Marketing’s Cancellation: We reserve the right to terminate services at any time. If we cancel, any deposit will be refunded in full.
  • Client Cancellation: You may cancel our services at any time. If you do, deposit payments are non-refundable.

Late Payments:

  • Invoice Terms: Payment is due before the end of the credit term on your invoice. If payment is late, we reserve the right to apply an 12% interest per annum.

By using our services, you agree that you have read and accepted these Privacy Policy & Terms of Use mentioned below:

Terms of Use for MappedSkills Marketing:

Welcome to our website (www.mappedskills.com). By browsing and using this website, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions. These terms, along with our privacy policy, govern our relationship with you in relation to this website.

  • "We" or "us" refers to MappedSkills Marketing, the owner of the website.
  • "You" refers to the user or viewer of our website.

By using this website, you are subject to the following terms:

  • The content on this website is for your general information and use only. We may change it without notice.

  • Neither we nor any third parties provide warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness, or suitability of the information on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge and accept that the information may contain inaccuracies or errors. We exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  • You use any information or materials on this website at your own risk. You are responsible for ensuring that any products, services, or information available meet your specific requirements.

  • This website contains material owned by or licensed to us, including but not limited to the design, layout, look, appearance, and graphics. You may not reproduce this material except in accordance with the copyright notice included in these terms and conditions.

  • All trademarks reproduced on this website that are not the property of or licensed to us are acknowledged. This includes "Google Analytics," "AdWords," "Webmaster Tool," "Yahoo," "Ask," and "Bing."

  • Unauthorized use of this website may result in a claim for damages or be a criminal offense.

  • When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our website/Services, you give us (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works, communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content. The rights you grant in this license are for the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving our services, and to develop new ones. This license continues even if you stop using our website/services.

By using this website, you signify that you have read and accept these Terms of Use.

Liability for Our Services at MappedSkills Marketing:

Our legal obligations and potential liabilities are outlined below:

  • Subject to legal limitations, MappedSkills Marketing, including our suppliers, vendors, partners, associates, staff, officers, and distributors, will not be responsible for indirect losses such as lost profits, revenues, or data, as well as any consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages.
  • As permitted by law, the combined liability of MappedSkills Marketing and its suppliers, vendors, partners, associates, staff, officers, and distributors for any claims under these terms, inclusive of implied warranties, is limited to the amount you have paid us for our Services. Alternatively, at our discretion, we may choose to supply you with the Services again.
  • Under no circumstances will MappedSkills Marketing or its suppliers, vendors, partners, associates, staff, officers, and distributors be liable for any loss or damage that could not have been reasonably foreseen.
  • If you're using our Services for personal purposes, we acknowledge that you might have certain legal rights as a consumer in your country. None of the terms or conditions on this page or elsewhere on this site should be construed as waiving any of these rights that can't be legally waived.
  • Our website may, from time to time, contain links to other websites for your convenience and to provide further information. We do not endorse these websites and hold no responsibility for the content of the linked sites.

Email Subscriptions and Newsletter Opt-in at MappedSkills Marketing:

Here is how we manage email subscriptions and your opt-in to our newsletter:

  • MappedSkills Marketing uses a double opt-in system for adding interested visitors to our email list. This process involves a confirmation and reconfirmation via a confirmation email to ascertain your interest in receiving our newsletters and promotional emails.

  • Our double opt-in process adheres to the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act.

  • Every newsletter and promotional email sent from MappedSkills Marketing includes an 'unsubscribe' option, allowing you to opt-out at any time.

  • MappedSkills Marketing will not be held responsible for any damage arising in connection with the subscription service offered on this website.

  • By subscribing to our newsletter or promotional emails, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless MappedSkills Marketing and its subcontractors from any claim or lawsuit resulting from the use of our subscription services.

By subscribing to our newsletters and emails, you accept these terms and conditions.

WhatsApp Subscriptions and Opt-in at MappedSkills Marketing:

We have a process for managing WhatsApp subscriptions and your opt-in to our promotional messages:

  • MappedSkills Marketing employs an opt-in system for including interested visitors on our WhatsApp list. This process requires a confirmation via a WhatsApp message to verify your interest in receiving our newsletters and promotional messages.

  • Every promotional message dispatched from MappedSkills Marketing carries an 'opt-out' feature, thereby allowing you to discontinue the service whenever you wish.

  • MappedSkills Marketing cannot be held liable for any potential harm associated with the use of our WhatsApp subscription service.

  • By subscribing to our WhatsApp messages, you commit to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless MappedSkills Marketing and its subcontractors from any claims or legal action ensuing from the usage of our WhatsApp subscription services.

By subscribing to our WhatsApp messages, you consent to these terms and conditions.

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