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“Amit, we will need to cancel our planned outing this Saturday”,

Sonia said in a highly depressed tone. And this is not the first time we had to cancel our plans because of an unplanned calling at work on a weekly off. I have seen her going through all this stress in all her corporate, good paying jobs. Do you think it’s just her? Isn’t this your story as well?

And why do you think you are hating the job you are at? You presented your candidature, gave the interview, and picked the job. Remember the day you got the offer letter, perhaps you celebrated the day with your friends. So what went wrong? And is this the first time you are experiencing this dislike to your job or your company?

Dozens of questions but the answer to all this is just one. And the answer to all these questions is in solving just one riddle. What is your passion? Remember, I did not call it a question, I called it a riddle. What is your passion, might look a simple question, if it does, try answering it honestly. You have been picking jobs feeling that working on that job profile is your passion. However, when you picked the job, you asked how much money the job is going to fetch. Instead of asking what you would be doing at work.

Don’t take me wrong when I say that you did not find your passion. Reality is that there is hardly any emphasis on finding your passion at an early age. Nobody helps a child identify his/her passion let alone nurturing it. You are only taught how to score good marks and find a good job.

So what is your passion?

Like other emotions, passion is a powerful emotion that human being has. This emotion, for something or for somebody, can neither be tamed nor controlled. Everyone is born with a unique swing. A swing that came with you when you were born and stays lifelong. This remains unaltered with the external situation of life. Typically, the world remembers you because of that swing in you. This is an emotion that is embedded deep in you.

Passion is loosely termed as obsession or craziness. This reminds the famous movie “National Treasure” and the following experts:

Benjamin Gates: “We don’t really need someone crazy. But one step short of crazy, what do you get?”

Riley (Benjamin’s subordinate): Obsessed

Benjamin: Passionate

Ok, coming back to our vacation plan which just got canceled. I asked Sonia about what has happened. The story was not different. Workload, manager, not requesting, just ordering to work on scheduled off. My problem was not changing the vacation plan. Nor was I unhappy of that extra work and Saturday working. My problem was the long face of Sonia. Her constant struggle of getting up in the morning and getting ready for office. Between 6 am to 8 am, she used to think of a possibility of the work day being called a holiday.

It was time to revisit her decisions.

What is your passion and how to find it?

Passion and Success
Passion and Success

We both sat down and I asked her a question. Does she like what she is doing? The answer was a flat “No”.

“I don’t feel like going to the office. I don’t like people there. Moreover, I am not enjoying whatever I am doing”, she said painfully.

“If not this, then what do you want to do? What is your passion?” and the answer was “I don’t know”?

The root cause of the problem was in those three words “I don’t know”. Unless we define what we want to really do, we are never going to enjoy it. Correct? More accurately, we need to know what your passion is.

“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks – Yo-Yo Ma”

Finding friends with similar hobbies is difficult to let alone passion. In today’s world, you see 10 new startups popping out of somebody’s passion. But almost 98% dies within the first year because the founder failed to build a team of like-minded passionate people. Before you do you a startup, you must know the startup failure reasons.

How to find what is your passion?

Fortunately, there is help for you. You can follow a few steps to find what your passion is. You might have several turning points in your life, but the finding answer to what is your passion will be a major one. After we followed the guide on how to find passion, Sonia was able to trace her love. She then knew that she actually likes cooking and more specifically baking.

While we were working on finding Sonia’s passion, we hopped over to Clarity on fire. They have an interesting quiz to take on. At the end of the quiz, the website generates your profile report. You will need to enter your name and email id to download the copy, but sure an interesting report to read. You may want to try.

Today, Sonia spends most of her weekends conducting healthy baking workshops. Ironically, today she is happy working on a weekend. She spends her weekdays creating new recipes and evenings in drafting them and sometimes working till midnight.

The difference today is that she works for herself. She works on what she loves. Today, there are no more stressful evenings, no more painful workloads. Finally, she found her passion and made it her career. Today she is famous and runs her successful venture called Anybodycanbake.

This is what we aim to achieve with everyone on Mapped Skills. We help people know what their true passion is and then break passion into monetize-able skills. We help you monetize your skills and start building passive recurring income.

Come join the mission.

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