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Top Work from Home Jobs in India 2023

A shift took place sometime in the 21st century where more people wanted to stay at home yet earn money. This is where the work from home concept started.

India too is not far behind in this aspect. In this article you will come across some easy Work from Home jobs in India that you can take.

You could read our views on the future jobs in India by 2025 and decide where to start from or you could look for the best work from home jobs in India today and start now.

Work From Home Jobs: The paradigm shift

In India, the 21st century was the time when many young minds decided to take a break from Sarkari Naukri. Yet wanted to create a name for themselves in the international market.

Multinationals from across the world started office spaces in India. These companies tied up with A-level business schools in the country to hire students. With more money coming in as salaries, the spending power of the X and Y generation increased.

Today people need more flexible working options and many of them start freelancing. Though freelancing in India is quite popular, unless you have a good clientele, it does not generate a continuous source of income and hence people look for work from home jobs.

Work from Home Jobs: IT Boom

The IT boom in India also hit in this period, and jobs moved from being physical to sitting at computers. Once the laptop market grew people began working from home all the time. These were the signs of the beginning of the work from the home jobs.

With more work going online, corporates and employees are gaining flexibility. So far, only the women of the house who would look for online work options to gain financial independence.

This work was less available and revolved around affiliate marketing or medical transcription. Then came the year 2019 and the world saw the global pandemic named CoronaVirus or Covid-19.

Work From Home Jobs: Covid 19 and the rise in Technology

Streets were empty, offices barren, and playgrounds felt silent. Everything changed almost overnight and all you can do is adjust.

There was no more getting ready and going to work, even children were stuck at home and not going to school. The corporate world was in a lurch and adopted the work from the home platform.

As majority of the work is on the online medium, companies got rid of hired office spaces. They gave their employees the tools to operate from the comfort of their homes.

Today, many job types are using the work from home platform. But once the world opens up, some plan to go back to the office environment. While others find this method cost-effective.

Why Work From Home Jobs

I find the work-from-home environment both convenient and exhausting. I too have responsibilities at home and choose the work from home option over going to work.

Hiring help during Covid-19 was not easy. After a year in the pandemic, we all have our personal experiences to share about this disease. As my child is between 2-3 years old she needs looking after.

Every mother makes the best choices for their children. A full-time office goer who now wants to spend time at home with children due to their online classes. A fresh graduate trying to understand the world or a homemaker.

There are work from home jobs which anyone can enjoy. They give you work-life balance and the income you need.

Best jobs to work from home

Once you have chosen by working from home, make sure you set up a work-like environment in one corner of your house. This action would make the people around you accustomed to not disturbing you when you are in your zone.

Now comes the search for the best work from home jobs. Decide if you wish to take a work from home job that is part-time or full-time.

The advice is to start with a field that you like or are already working in. Below are a few examples of job options that have always been on the work-from-home model.

The geographical location of these will not change once the pandemic is over. Some of the below are work-from-home jobs without investment. While others may need you to put in some money. You could even start a business.


Home Baker

One of the fastest growing work from home options during Covid lockdown in 2020 and still continued to be a top choice of work from home option and small business from home for women's. You could learn home baking easily from this online course.

Google Search on “baking” in the last 15 months has been at an all-time high. “How to make a cake at home” was one of the top 10 “How To” searches in 2020. On Instagram, #baking has over 32 million posts, and #homebaking has over 4 million. 

Home bakers easily make anywhere between INR 50 thousand to INR 100 thousand a month and can further grow business to a bakery by employing some man power.


Content Writer

One of the top jobs in the market; content writers are high in demand. More people now understand power technology and the internet. 

Businesses are willing to create more content to rank it on search engines and get traffic. Businesses and brands must educate the customers and this content is where required. This is one of the best work from home online jobs in today’s time. 

You must have an excellent command of the language in which you wish to write. There is a lot of scope to grow in this field and make sure you have a sturdy laptop and a seamless internet connection. With the right skill and client, you could make up to INR 50 thousand a month.

UXI creator/Web Developer


Today, owning a business and not having a website is revenue loss. One needs to work on a laid out website that is simple to read and understand. It must hold the user’s interest and compel them to make a sale.

Creating a fruitful website is not as easy as it sounds. But, anyone can do it once you have learned some basic skills like HTML, and coding basics. Others like search engine optimization, JavaScript, and either Photoshop or Canva, come later.

If you are a fresher, start by targeting small businesses to get some practice. Your income will depend on the budget of the client so learn fast and capture the big fish. You make anything from 7 thousand to 1 lac per month depending on the company you work with.

Social Media Manager


No one can argue with the fact that marketing has gone online. With the various social media tools, it is an easy target for a budding business to promote.

Features like news feeds, ads, Instagram posts allow brands to get good visibility. The world of digital marketing is limitless and the addition of new platforms is adding to it. 

If you are familiar with the job then dive right into it. You could make anything between 20 thousand to 50 thousand a month. But, if you are new to this field, you should take up a few online courses on it. This is one of the top works from home jobs in 2021.

Data Entry Jobs


This field has been in the online work mode for a few years now. Big companies process large amounts of data every day.

Not all these have the latest software or the manpower to accumulate or analyze this data. This is where the work of a data entry expert comes in. It is not as simple as writing down sentences from a computer. 

You should have skills to read data, maintain records and be methodical in approach. Microsoft Excel is your best friend and it is a never-ending sea of knowledge. Take up a small course for polishing your excel skills and you can thank us later.

Also, with the right platform you could make anything from 10 thousand rupees to 60 thousand. This depends on the amount of work you can do and the turnaround time you set.

Language translator


Brands from everywhere trying to break into the Indian market. The larger ones have people for translations. But, the smaller brands need people for this work. If you already know French or German you could look at remote work options from a few companies.

Majority brands need translation from these two languages. Going global is not always the solution, India itself has more than 22 languages.

If you know more than one regional language you could start making money with a local company as well. The salary varies in this profession and depends on the amount of work.

Medical transcription


The increasing demand in healthcare services is a reality. The doctor's prescription is not easy to read and someone should translate it. The main work here is listening to records from doctors and writing them down into a medical report. This job does not need physical office presence. But, I do need a keen sense of hearing.

If you are from a medical background it will help with certain terms that many do not understand. This job is always in high demand. Some third party companies even give training to freshers to wish to make this a career. Negotiable on the salary once you gain experience in the field.

Customer Service


Gone are the days when large offices housed hundreds of employees. They would work over the phone addressing customers.

In the pandemic, this job has adopted the work from the home method. Even Amazon and Flipkart, now hire customer representatives to work from remote locations.

Companies are saving thousands of dollars on real-estate pricing. These are high-paying jobs. But, you need to work in different time slots. This depends on the country in which your employer operates from.

Health and Fitness expert


There is a paradigm-shifting to the online medium. Many apps in the market provide diet and exercise options to keep you fit. If you have knowledge about diet or are a nutritionist, you could enroll with these.

You could also freelance and have an online client. If you are into fitness and have some courses under your belt, you could enroll as a fitness coach. 

This would bring you a steady flow of customers. Looking at freelancing is also an excellent option when it comes to fitness. use mediums like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to market your course.  Once you gain popularity, the money comes rolling in.



An online tutor is also a work-from-home job that uses the internet. You no longer need to be in the same city as the institute to teach students.

If you have the knowledge you can import it by associating with institutes that work on the online mode. In the current times, even preschoolers are taking online classes. 

The basic rule is a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Some EdTech companies only need good English skills. You could teach an online class of kindergarteners for first graders. Salary varies but you could start with 5 thousand and go up to any number.

Business Development


Every business needs to grow. For that, it needs resources that can get more clients in. Sales professionals are vital to any brand as they are the voice and face of the company. When you will show confidence in a product the end client themselves will buy it.

This profession requires excellent communication skills.  You should also gain detailed product knowledge as it may interest some people. 

This job assures high pay and exciting opportunities. Days are never constant when working in sales. It is for people who want to work from home but are willing to give extra time to work.  With a promising  salary, from 20 thousand rupees, this is the highest paying work from home job.



If you are passionate about writing, this one's for you. Create your blog and have people see the world through your eyes.

You could write about anything you like, music, food, and experience at the zoo. It could even be a blog about recipes. It takes time, patience, and proper marketing to make money from it. Learning blogging is easy and you could do it by sitting at home.

But, once you get the traffic, there is no end to how much you can make. This profession is one of the no investment options. But you may need to put in a few thousand rupees if you need good returns.

 Graphic Designer


Not everyone has a fondness for this field. But, once you learn the skill, you realize it is easy and pays well.

Everything from logo making to website visuals falls under this category. If you do not have the skill, go for a course to learn. It is a rapidly evolving field, and you may need to upgrade. But stay assured that your investment will pay off.

A graphic designer earns anything from INR 40000 to 50000 rupees on a good day.

Video Editor


Become a video editor and make quick money. No special degree is needed to master this field. All you may need is to learn a few computer software's like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Investment in some advanced editing tools could come in handy as well. You can work from home in this one. You could work in any field that works with media in any manner. Try out a few free online tools and start your journey today.

Travel Agent


The world loves to travel, and they need someone to guide them. Travelers need personalized information that suits them. And if you could work with them to customize their travel plan, you have a world to conquer.

Becoming a travel agent takes some research. Understanding of the online booking platforms and deals. Tie-ups with the destination hotels and tourism councils. While many courses could help you know about this, it is not mandatory to do it.

You could start small by booking for friends and making an itinerary. The primary source of income here is markups and commissions.

Event Planner


It may seem like this profession has taken a hit now. Once the world opens up, an event planner will be in high demand.

Think Olympics 2020, someone or a team sat down and planned everything to run seamlessly. If you aspire to reach those heights, take up an event management short course.

You may make less in the beginning but it pays well after a while.

Bookkeeping & Accounting


You do not need to be a registered CA or a CS for this one. But you will need some basic understanding of the work.

For this, you could do a short certification course from a distance learning facility. A bookkeeper primarily manages the ledger for any organization.

It is about knowing where the money gets spent against the amount earned. Once you master the art of bookkeeping, you can make as much as INR 30000 sitting at home.


Recruiting Career

As the businesses grow they need to hire talent. This matchmaking is a wonderful skill to hone.

Many companies are looking for remote or home-based recruiters who could find them the right talent. Thus recruiting makes a great career choice. You may like to read a few good books on recruiting to have a better understanding of this skill.

You could start with a small organization and move to a larger one with experience. Recruiters earn a monthly salary. Some companies pay a percentage of the recruited person's salary.

Computer Support Specialist


In today's age, every person owns a laptop. Even children are doing their schooling on them. You wish to work from home and have knowledge about the computer.

People need help with computers as now everyone understands it in detail. A computer support specialist is a person who helps people with it. It could be operating the computer hardware or some issue in particular software.

You will need to do a few certifications and licenses. For this purpose, you will need at least a graduation degree. But once you find the appropriate organization, you can earn as much as INR 50000 as your starting pay.

Legal Advisor


This one is specifically for people interested in Law and order. Indian Law has many subsections, and any one of them could catch your eye.

But, to become a legal advisor or a person or company, you will need an LLM or an LLB degree. You will also need a bit of proactive and practice understanding of Law.

Registration with the BAR council of India is mandatory as well. It may seem like a tiring process but, you will have no shortage of clients. As you do not need an office, you could very well work from home for this one.

Financial Advisor


You will need special education to undertake this job. Nonetheless, it is rewarding.

A financial advisor works with people or companies. He makes informative decisions on how where the money would grow when invested.

You can even get a certification from the National Institute of the securities market. Also, the basic pay ranges between INR 2000-INR 50000. The more experience you gain, the better the package gets.

Insurance Advisor


In current times, people worry for their life and loved ones. They search for good insurance companies.

Not everyone gets the language of insurance providers. Hence an advisor becomes mandatory. As an insurance advisor, you will need to undergo some training. This training is at the organization itself. It will be to understand their product and pitch to the client.

You do not need to have an office and can have clients even amongst friends. A confident personality, eye for detail, and sharp listening skills are all you need to make it in this field. The money earned is via commissions, and the higher the value of insurance sold, the more you earn. 



YouTube is the latest trend. During the lockdown, many people took to YouTube to open their channels.

It is an easy platform that requires views to earn. You earn via the advertisements and their view frequency. This job is one of the most lucrative options to work from home.

You will need patience and dedication. YouTube focus and quality wins over quantity. The revenue is solely dependent on the number of views you get. Select topics that would interest you and the public and see the money fly in.

Work from Home Jobs: Beware of Scams

So, you decided to work from home and started by searching the internet. You see thousands of vacancies that google gave you in the first search. But wait! A lot of them are scams.

Many people get conned for their details and it makes for a sad experience. Here are a few tips to identify potential scammers. Keep an eye on the below points when searching work from home jobs in India:

  1. The job posting must be from a legitimate company and not some random name 
  2.  Always cross-check if the company has any employees on LinkedIn
  3. There should be someone from the HR or recruitment team to answer your questions
  4. Never pay to get a job, it is a scam
  5. Ask for an offer letter with details like annual offs, medical benefits. The Cost to company, job description, and employer details are a must.
  6. Check if the employer asks for previous employment details and references

Work from home is a life-changing method of working. It specially allows women to become independent while being available for their loved ones. Also, it is more about your passion that you want to translate into an income source.

The financial freedom with home-based jobs is also an added advantage. It instills confidence and personality in a lady. With this option available, sitting ideal at home is no longer an option.

Besides the above jobs, you could even start your own baking business from home. Make the most of technology and choose your desired field.

Create your work life on your terms and enjoy working from home.


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