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I have always wanted the women in the house to be working after marriage. It doesn’t really matter if you start some work from home or pick up a corporate job. But the female in the house must have an independent career.

Dreams don’t work – unless you do.

John C Maxwell

In Oct 2014, when I moved to Pune, Sonia had to leave her job in Gurgaon. A new place and new people, we took some time to settle down. After we were settled in Pune and life became, as usual, I started pushing Sonia to start some work from home.

Work from Home for Women

I understand the challenges a woman has to face to stay working after marriage. And it gets difficult when she has kids to manage. I am not really against working in offices if that’s the choice. But a work from home situation is always more desirable.

I ran numerous ideas with her but nothing excited her. But I could see her developing her interest in Baking. Her reading and watching were getting centered towards baking and she gradually became a part of a few FB Groups and started learning. Her interest started to become her passion and she started devoting a lot of time in learning the basics of baking.

Blogging as Work from Home Career 

I was happy that she started to find her way, but did not have a clue of how baking is going to make her create a work from home career. Somewhere in June 2016, I thought of giving a little structured shape to her passion and started a blog for her called Sonlicious which was later rebranded as AnyBodyCanBake. I had no clue that one fine day I will be taking blogging as a career for myself.

After I created a blog on WordPress, I encouraged her to start writing her recipes and put them in her blog. Neither of us had knowledge of blogging, but we started to take tiny steps into it. In the first six months, she only had some 15 recipes on her blog. I was busy with my job and only a little could support her in the blogging effort.

Demerits of Work from Home

Working from home has its own demerits, and I am not going to touch on those here. But just to run a few the demerits included time mismanagement, missed deadlines, priorities clashes and most importantly, family members do not really understand that work from home is actually a work that needs to be focused like any other work. And I truly understand how difficult it was for Sonia to handle all of that.

Initially, I did not think of any earnings from the blog. I was only focused on a medium that can present her experimental recipes to the world. Slowly and gradually, I could see that people started liking her recipes.

Work from home as a Full-Time Career

She started to receive a lot of appreciation for her work. We both saw a lot of potential in this work from home venture. I then finally took a serious decision of making her blog a little larger than what it was and decided to quit my job pick blogging as a career. The appreciation she was getting for her work was a big motivation for me to put myself in this work from home business and grow it further.

I finally quit my job on 30th Jan 2017 and took blogging as a full-time career. We did not have much content in the blog but had a lot of confidence in her experiments and passion.

It is really important to realize the core skill a person has and then convert the passion into a business. I devoted the entire February in reading and learning about blogging, WordPress, SEO and the relationships between all these three together.

I started meeting a few bloggers to learn from them. This was the month when I was spending about 17-18 hours in reading and learning without thinking of weekends. I had to ensure that my time is getting used wisely and I had to be fast. Sometimes it felt that work from home was more taxing than a regular job.

Growing Work from Home Business

By the end of Feb, I was a more confident person to take up the task of blogging. We decided to start a YouTube channel along with the blog and published our first video recipe on 9 March 2017. This was a recipe for homemade white sandwich bread, and to my surprise, within no time I had around 3K visitors on this post with a good number of views on the video recipe as well.

This success was a trivial success but it was enough to encourage me and my better half to continue with our efforts in our home-based business.

I realized that it is important to create a niche in the blogging world. It would not make sense to have scattered pieces of many things but to have a niche and build strongly on that. We decided to focus on healthy homemade baking recipes and create a niche in the baking world. Sonia focused on creating better healthy baking recipes and I started building more intelligence on blogging by reading and learning from people.

I learned, implemented, made mistakes, did a lot of revisions and improvised. Feb, March and April month was completely filled with an abundance of learning, plenty of mistakes, a lot of rework. My focus was to learn how to build an audience.

I knew for the fact that it will be the content that will bring the audience to the blog. From March till April mid, the blog had about 40 posts, 20 videos, and about 10K visitors per month. However, I was still struggling to see organic visitors to my blog. My audience was primarily from Social Media.

Food Blogging Challenges

The food blogging world turned out to be a real competitive market. For a simple search of “Chocolate Semolina Cake”, there are about 36,70,000 results on Google. In short for you to have your recipes coming in the first few pages of Google, you had to compete with 36,70,000 other webpages.

It was not an easy task, but we knew that hard work will bring results. Keyword search, selecting appropriate keywords, selecting appropriate images writing the article and few more ingredients to the recipe, when carefully added, made a perfect recipe.

Today we only rank on the first page for this recipe, we are the first link on the first page and we capture two snippets out of the possible three on the first page.


Just like the above examples, most of our recipes rank in first of the second page of Google, which then started bringing organic visitors to our blog.

The organic sessions brought a smile on my face and added a lot of confidence to the approach of my blogging effort. I still had to find more creative ways to increase organic visitors. I knew I had to go a long way from there, but the path was clearly defined. Our work from home venture was growing and had started making more than what I was making from my job.


There are many between us, who wants to start a side business but are not sure where to start from. I am absolutely open to sharing all that I have learned, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and not necessarily make those mistakes that I have made in my learning process.

Let me remind you, if you think that you will do it from tomorrow, it will never happen. There is only one way to make things happen and that is to “Do it NOW“!

Feel free to leave your comment if you think I can be of any assistance to you in helping you start your work from home business.

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