About Me

I have 20 years of combined work experience in sales, customer service, recruiting, and marketing. My career started in sales. I spent time in customer service, recruiting and finally found my calling in digital marketing.

I quit my corporate job in January 2017 when health took a critical turn. My body started to retaliate to a medical condition which I had been ignoring for years. This decision came after I was given an ultimatum from the doctors that my life span would drastically reduce should I continue my corporate job.

Belonging to a Marwari Baniyas family, I have business flowing in my blood. I am a risk-taker and believe in the power of unlearning to grow.

I focused on marketing, sales, strategy, accounts, technology, and content. All of this needed a lot of learning. So, I decided to fight against time and spent my days and nights shortening the journey of learning. Results started to show in less than a year, and I was instrumental in taking their blogging journey from $0 per month to #10K per month by 2020.

My Skills

- Content Strategy

- Content Writing

- Email Marketing

- Facebook Performance Marketing

- Google PPC Advertising

- Blogging

- Funnel Creation

My Goals

Digital marketing has wider impact on all types of business. Traditional marketing strategies are expensive and not measurable.

After acquiring the required skills and finding the right path to become successful in the digital world, I have decided to help people and make them successful.

I would help businesses with my learnings on content writing, content marketing, and performance marketing.